Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

Alright another good workout session this morning. Really starting to feel the ACP and LGD now! Volume continus to go up along with weights however again im being very careful on upper body movements since my labrum is a disaster and trying to avoid surgery if possible (been like this for 2 years now so).

Hit upper body today I decided to switch up my routine and just do circuit supersets of exercises so I did 8 rounds of:

Incline Bench Press: 75 pound dumbbells x 15 reps
Exercise ball pushups: hands on the middle of the ball lowering slowly then exploding up bodyweight x 25 reps
Resistance Band Presses: 200 pounds of resistance x 12 reps
Resistance Band Triceps Pushdowns: 140 pounds of resistance x 15 reps
Resistance Band Flys: 140 pounds of resistance x 15 reps
Triceps Kickbacks: 40 pound dumbbells x 12 reps

As always those are my target reps. If I cant do in a single set I will pause for 10 seconds then hammer out the remaining reps before going to the next exercise.

Im picking up vascularity as well as some strength but again not going to see my numbers jump through the roof im trying to slowly increase weights as everytime I jump too quickly I end up with another cortisone shot LOL.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Hey guys! Ok now a couple weeks in and feeling great! Shoulder still nagging but is what it is im still picking up strength and vascularity.

Today was just a cardio day with some legs and abs. 60 mins on my Schwinn spin bike then the following for legs and abs:

5 sets x 15 reps goblet squats 110 pound dumbbell
5 sets x 25 reps exercise ball glute ham bridges with pause at top and roll out to do a hamstring curl in the motion
5 sets x 25 reps 30 pound dumbbell lunges
5 sets exercise ball planks for 2 mins each
5 sets hanging knee raises x 12 reps

Really trying to continue to cut down while maintaining lean muscle mass. Body is starting to change but weight is holding steady so all good.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!
Hey everyone, another update!

Definitely picking up some strength and the healing factor (for me) has been pretty substantial. Im doing a lot of rehab and physical therapy along with my strength training due to my shredded labrum and ive been able to lift heavier weights, more volume, and exercises for rehab have been getting a lot easier too so I have been able to strengthen my supporting smaller muscle groups and not just hammering my larger muscle groups and trying to overpower the smaller ones.

Today was a solid chest day. I didnt have a ton of time with work and christmas coming but I carved out 45 mins to do a fast paced workout starting with some heavier weights then moving to volume.

Workout was:

5 x 8 reps incline press 90 pound dumbells
5 x 8 reps 100 pound flat dumbell press
5 x 20 pec flys with 200 pound resistance bands
5 x 15 140 pound resistaance band tricep pushdowns
5 x 25 exercise ball pushups
5 x 15 dumbbell tricep kickbacks with 40 pound dumbbell

Chest was smoked, got a good pump too. Body weight is still holding pretty flat but strength and definition increasing so all good on that front!

Hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas!

So today was just a cardio day. Went really hard on my spin bike burned over 1200 calories in about an hour. I know that the calroie counters are not super accurate but most are made for normal sized humans and since im much larger than your typical 5"10 165 man ill go with I burned at least that many calories!

Hit up physical therapy today too and that is going real well hoping I can heal up my labrum while im making this progress. Overall extremely happy with the product and results!

Hey guys been out of town for a bit but still tracking well and loving the sarms!

Ive had some really good pushing and pulling workouts put in and recovery has been fantastic. Limited in the equipment since traveling but the volume has been out of control! Home now and today was a cardio day but again numbers are picking up im burning more calories in same amount of time. Also a progress photo. Still a long ways to go but slowly cutting down the bodyfat!

Hope everyone is well!


Hey everyone! Want to give another update!

Cycle is cruising along! Im just about hitting week 7 of my 8 week cycle. Really starting to pick up strength and with dialed in diet im picking lean muscle mass. Today was international chest day so had to partake!

Workout was:

Flat Bench: 90 pound dumbbells 5 sets reps were 11/10/8/7/7
Incline Bench: 80 pound dumbbells 5 sets reps were 9/8/8/7/6
Resistance Band Flys: 220 pound resistance bands 5 sets reps were 14/11/10/9/7
Exercise ball pushups: 5 sets reps were 26/23/21/18/16
Resistance Band Triceps extensions: 180 pound resistance bands 5 sets reps were 13/12/9/9/8

Lots of volume but upped the weights and so far so good no additional pain with my torn labrum and getting stronger. After the 8 weeks of the ACP and LGD im going to run umbrella labs gw-501516 (bought it last week waiting for it to come in!) and push harder on the fat loss but 100% legit products very happy with them some of the best sarms ive ever run.

Hope everyone is healthy and safe!

excellent bro and great to hear and see these results! hard work, dedication and quality products go a very long way!! keep up the great work!
Hey guys! Nearing the end of the cycle and really picking up strength and getting leaner.

Today was a typical cardio day 60 mins on spin bike. Crazy how much endurance im picking up. I am crushing what I was doing calorie wise on cycle in the same amount of time as before. Really leaning out nicely too. Only have a few more days left in the cycle then will be trying out their GW-501516 but overall Umbrella Labs sarms 100% legit!


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