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Ok I FINALY was able to get my pre-cycle bloods done. It took forever to get an appointment at Quest then they took over a week to get me results (usually its next day) but whatever everything looks good so ready to rock and roll!

I will be doing 8 weeks of:

LGD-3303 20mg split dose in morning then 4-6 hours later
ACP-105 20mg split dose in morning then 4-6 hours later

Right now im around 17-18% bodyfat a little higher than normal but with new job and 3rd kid on the way plus being 40 my training and diet has not been as strict as before. Im hoping to add strength and lean mass while in a slight caloric deficit.

Current I am 6'8" (this wont be changing I hope!) and 250 pounds. My goal would be to get stronger and leaner without significantly dropping weight.

My training is a mix of heavy strength training couple with hypertrophy. My splits are:

M/W/F 60 mins spin bike varying intensity level training
T/Th/Sat Pushing/Legs/Pulling

Sunday is my recovery day. I may decide to do something but its really how do I feel.

Diet is a mix of intermittent fasting along with carb cycling. I eat more carbs on strength days less on cardio days. Protein is always 50% give or take of my daily calories.

Ill add more as I go but thats it in a nutshell. Ive run every sarm prior to these other than S23 so really looking forward to seeing how these stack up against LGD4033, S4, RAD140, MK2866, and YK11
This is great sir as you always have tremendous logs! I am very much looking forward to this!
bros umbrella labs is golden, this is going to be a good log
Ok today is day 1 of the cycle! Figured id kick it off on a Monday!

Took my dosage of each in the morning will be taking the second dose early afternoon.

Today was chest day. Due to my torn labrum in mainly doing resistance bands mixed in with really focused and controlled dumbbell presses and then pushups on a exercise ball to work core and supporting muscle groups for stability.

Work was as follows:

5 sets x 15 reps 200 pounds resistance band chest presses
5 sets x 15 reps 150 pounds resistance band chest flys
5 sets x 12 reps flat bench with 80 pound dumbells
5 sets x 20 reps exercise ball pushups

Then I finished off with some dumbbell triceps extensions and triceps pushdowns with my resistance bands to round everything out.

First day with the new compounds so obviously minimal feedback but workout was on point.

I have completely revamped my diet as well. Im going back to the 16/8 intermittent fasting protocol. I do better with low fat low carb so my nutrient ratio will be 60% protein/25% fats/15% carbs.

Hoping to shed down some of the unwanted bodyfat that my 41 year old frame has taken on LOL.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!
excellent brother, i was looking for your updates! this is great! hope you had a great Thanksgiving and really looking forward to your results bro! Lets do this!!
excellent brother, i was looking for your updates! this is great! hope you had a great Thanksgiving and really looking forward to your results bro! Lets do this!!
Thanks Dylan! Yea the taste is great too its waaaaaay better than the gasoline taste lol!
Alright! Thing are going well im really liking the 2 compounds. It has been a full week since starting (or at least 6 days) and im slowly starting to feel some of the effects. The LGD-3303 is helping with strength much like the lgd 4033 that ive run in the past but im looking and feeling fuller quicker (if that makes sense LOL!).

The ACP-105 im starting to see some of the leaning out as well as the strength gains that id experience with S4 but I ditched S4 a while ago since the vision sides drove me nuts so this is a huge plus for me as I loved the results on S4.

I havent noticed any sides like in past cycles with other sarms although I am taking 7 caps of N2Guard with the sarms like I do every cycle.

Focusing on my pulling workout today I did:

8 sets of bodyweight chins reps were 12/11/9/8/8/7/7/6
8 sets of bodyweight pullups reps were 10/9/9/7/7/6/6/5
220 pound resistance band seated rows 4 sets x 12 reps
220 pound resistance band lat pull downs close grip 4 sets x 10 reps
100 pound dumbbell bent over rows 4 sets x 12 reps superset with 45 pound dumbbell hammer curls reps were 15/12/10/8

Overall a solid workout. I take short rests on max 1 min between my sets so you will see the reps fall as I go along.

Not sure if the ACP-105 or LGD-3303 has any healing effects like mk2866 or mk677 but my labrum is not as angry at me as usual which is another plus.

Overall loving both compounds!
excellent bro... lgd carries small healing benefits, not to the extent of the mk's but definitely has properties so thats good to hear! keep working hard, this should be a great stack!
Ok a few more days in and starting to feel a real pickup in strength!

Today was a leg day and both weight and reps were up about 5% over my normal numbers.

I have 2 missing discs in my back plus a bulging disc so I cant do heavy weights but I can load up on the reps.

Workout was:

4 sets of goblet squats with 90 pound dumbbell reps were 20/17/15/14
4 sets 50 pound dumbbell straight leg dead lifts reps were 22/18/16/15
4 sets 30 pound dumbbell walking lunges reps were 25/22/20/16
3 sets hamstring curls 150 pounds on machine reps were 19/17/16/15
3 sets quad extensions 180 pounds on machine reps were 20/18/16/14

I finished with 16 mins of 1 min sprint 1 min moderate pace on the stair mill

Pic is right before I started the workout for context on current shape. Overall loving the compounds!

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