Thoughts on my next Sarms Cycle vs new Goals


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Good Evening Dylan and Gents.

12.8% BF (Dexa)
175 pounds

Goals… maintain current weight + or - 5 pounds,
Increase some of my lost strength, steadily increase my insurance for long races, multi-day races on various terrains and continue to be able to CrossFit.

Quick background. In the last 14 months i went from 19% BF at 195 pounds to just bellow 13% BF at 175 pounds with the help of GW-7042 (Umbrella Labs) and diet/CrossFit and running. Figured I needed to cut some weight transitioning to these new long races etc with the added toll on my body.

Proposed Cycle purchased from Umbrella Labs
There customer service is amazing and they give 20% off with a purchase over $200 Sweet

-Rad 150
All dosing protocols followed from ISarms.
12 weeks then mini-pct

Overkill for my goals? Change something?
Any feedback would be appreciated
Thanks Fellas
i don't think its that much of an overkill. usually guys like to stack 3 sarms at one time. 4 is fine but remember GW isn't actually a sarm
definitely not overkill whatsoever.. you see me lay similar stacks out daily... definitely keep us updated on your results!
Definitely not overkill at all. I've run sarms a few different times and typically I would run 3 sarms and always liked to run SR and GW together with those stacks. The cardio power of GW with SR is lights out amazing with what I experienced.
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