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I am a reader of these forums i havent really posted on here, im just an average guy 54 years old feeling the effects of aging and recent hamstring and Achilles injuries. I would just like to thank Buddhabuilder and give him a shout out. I have dealt with Buddha for a few years and he is straight up, no BS, perfect and very fast shipping with knowledge that he is willing to share. I use test e and currently started HGH from pinnacle. thanks man for the help!!!
I appreciate your sincerity edwtoo. Keep us posted as things progress.

I have experienced amazing results with our generic HGH and I'm sure you will too.

We are truly on this journey together...
Another satisfied customer. More actual proof that you can order with confidence.

We have a wide range of top notch products and with domestic shipping you never have customs worries.

Reach out to me today on the wickr me app, where I am also Buddhabuilder, for the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list and lets talk about your upcoming cycle.

Let's do it...
Everyone at 1 - Stop Domestic Shop are more than glad to connect you with top quality gear so don't hesitate to reach out to us for the latest price list and order information.

Connect with me on the wickr me app, where I am also Buddhabuilder, and we can chat in real time.

Let's do this...
Glad to see you back edwtoo. Make sure you post here regularly in order to support your focus as your gym routines become more focused and the results start becoming clearer.

It's just the beginning...
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