YK11, GW, TBOL log Sarms.Forsale

I decided when I stopped the YK11 that I would keep the sr9009 and GW
Figure since I?m doing more cardio and maintenance lifting it would still be beneficial.
So today I tried occlusion training on biceps. It?s a good use of light weight.
That was interesting. I had an old set of cheap wrist wraps. They are thin and very stretchy. Not like the firm good of bears I have now. Put them on above the bicep and used 15-20 lb weights. Did 30 reps then 15,15,15,15 with 30 seconds between. Crazy pump for sure. I might keep this in my training for awhile and see how it goes. Won?t do it every time but maybe once a week. It?s also good for the old man elbows cause it uses lighter weights. They say
Next time I will do bi tri split at same time. I definitely need bigger tri.
After that and some abs work. I went for a 90 minute bike ride. Found some new dirt trails. Loven this new adventure. Just making the best of these crazy times.
I?m kind of excited. The gym I had found that is an old school gym. As I call it, a meat head gym. And I mean that in a good way. It has been around for a long time. It is where Ronnie Colman trained. I said it was dirty. That?s ok cause people go there for hard core work outs. Not to be pretty. I am one of the smallest and oldest guys using it. The folks there are Major inspiration.
I just heard them say they are cleaning it for first time in 35 years. Doing some remodeling. Should be interesting.
I still go to life time and work out, and use the sauna, pool, hot tub etc....
I am excited for the day I can return to both.
Went for a trail ride with three other much younger guys. Went for about 2 hours. My mountain bike skills are still a bit rusty. But my stamina on this gw and SR9009 is ridiculous. Heart rate was up and huffing and puffing. But didn?t want to stop. Felt great. Got home had a short 45 minute break to eat a snack. Then went for a 5 mile walk with wife. Then went stairs and lifted for 30 minutes with little to now breaks between sets.
My stomach was growling and I was so freaking hungry I had to stop. Felt like I could have went for ever!!
Very welcome
I had a good run with the Tbol. I makes a nice kick start for me.
The Sarms where really kicking in when I shut it off. I look forward to running tbol on another cycle. Currently running some Sarms.
Yeah so far I am 4 days in, haven't noticed the mk2866 or rad kick in yet ( I know it takes a while) as far as sr9009 and GW go, no matter how much I huff or puff, endurance wise I can just go like crazy, not even tired
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