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First of all I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to test these products and run this log! I planned on starting on Monday but had some things come up as I am actively seeking new employment.

Some baseline info to set the stage for this log:

I’m 42 years old. 6’-2”, Currently 230lbs/12% BF. I train 6 days a week with a Push/Pull/Leg split.

On TRT but currently blasting with 400mg/wk of Sust, 400 mg/wk of NPP, and 60mg daily of Tbol. Been on blast for 3 weeks. Plan on another 13 weeks and dropping the Tbol after week 8.

Normally I take a shit ton of additional supplements daily. Magnesium, Resveratrol, Circumin, Fish Oil, B-6, Berberine, DIM, grape seed extract, NAC, Inositol/Choline, Tudca, Ashwaghanda, Fenugreek,!! I also take Prejym as a preworkout 30mins before I train.

I stopped taking all of this other stuff on Friday last week. I wanted to have a fresh start on the Cardazol and MK-1. Also, due to the caffeine content I will not be using a prework additionally.

So, I just got back from the gym and here is my report from day one:

I took 2 capsules of each about 30 mins before my workout. I then took 2 more of each about 5 minutes before I started. I washed them down with a Bucked Up Keto chocolate shake. About 15 minutes into my workout I noticed my energy, focus, and intensity ramp up dramatically. Had a great leg workout and left the gym feeling more satisfied with my effort than I have in a while. Definitely felt like I had an extra rep or two left on weights that I hadn’t had previously.

As I continue this log, I hope that I will be able to give everyone a good representation of the benefits/drawbacks to these powerful products. Right off the bat, I can say that they would save me a ton of cash since I could get all the stuff I need in two bottles. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks for sharing bro. This is pretty much the same experience I'm having with this product.

Well, it’s been a week! I am loving these products. So much more focus and energy in the gym. I just upped my dose to 3 capsules of each about 30 mins preworkout and then two more of each 5 mins before. I actually had some coffee today with my pills and didn’t notice much of a difference. Lifts are progressing nicely and I really do attribute that to the increased focus and intensity. Also loving to not take 30 pills/capsules every day!! Will update again soon!
Hey, started a new job and been super busy but wanted to update my log on these supps.

Been taking the full 6 pill and 7 pill dose for the last couple weeks. I take 4/5 preworkout and 2/2 about an hour postworkout.

Things I’ve noticed in addition to the huge increase in focus and aggression in the gym, with the full dose:

Less Hunger: Thus is good for me since I am always starving which can sabotage my food plan.
Increased Vascularity: really noticing this the last week or so.
Sleep: If I take them after 3pm I don’t sleep as good but if I take them all in the morning doesn’t seem to affect sleep.
Less Joint Inflammation: has really helped with some elbow and shoulder issues I was having. Taking fish oil too.
Increased Libido: Definitely feeling that these supplements are helping to keep my natural hormone balance where it needs to be.

I have about a weeks worth left and can’t say enough good things about these! Looking forward to ordering with the Ostarine and Cardarine from Esarms soon!!!

Let me know if you have any questions! Would love to help out if I can!
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It’s the real deal brother!! Keep the updates coming!

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