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?Side effects free? as possible Bulk cycle advice


Hey guys. Would really appreciate some advice on my next bulk cycle. I?m getting older and tired of dealing with harsh side effects so this is what I come up with
41 years old,6?3?,225,16%bf,over ten years training,over 5 years of aas use, eat clean
I?m on trt 175mg test and mk677 25mg ed now
Using pinnacle gear and sarmsforsale
Testc 400mg weeks 1-16
Eq 800mg weeks 1-16
Tbol 50mg ed weeks 1-5
Lgd 10mg ed weeks 1-12
Mk677 25mg ed weeks 1-16
Mk2866 25mg ed weeks 1-12
Gw 20mg ed weeks 1-16
Aromasin 12.5mg eod
An all in one on cycle support not sure which one yet
Would love to swap the eq for primo but it?s just not in the budget
I have used all of these products before and just can?t see the cycle going wrong but any input would be much appreciated ,thanks


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fucking solid dosing... you can bump the mk2866 to 50 mg after two weeks on 25 but other than that, looks sweet!

very nice that you are going with sarms4sale!