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  • New guy here
    I'm 38
    260 lbs
    I've been training hard for three years this November
    Not sure of bf % yet
    I'm not fat but not cut
    I have a pretty high metabolism
    I can lose weight pretty quick when I try
    I was on trt for 9 months last year until my doctor moved
    I'm currently not taking anything
    Not even a preworkout
    Never done any steroids outside of trt
    I have used one bottle of lgd by primeval labs
    I got great muscle pumps from it and started my research and found Dylan's videos which led me here
    No injuries to date
    Don't have any friends that lift and have never been trained
    My main goal here is to first learn about my diet and get that under control
    I have thick skin and didn't come here to start trouble with anyone
    I come here to learn and get advice from those who know what their doing
    Any help will be greatly appreciated in the future guys,thanks
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