Should I need to take sarms or steroids ??


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I’m 5’8 1/2 150 lbs I did a sarm cycle of S4 5 months ago it was great I kept my muscles during a cut and gained strength but not too much muscle . But I want to build muscle this time I’m considering steroids (only test e or test prop ) . Will I be able to gain muscles with sarms if so will I be able to keep the gains compare to steroids .

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of course you can gains muscle with sarms man... how old are you? i would venture to guess you are nowhere near ready for steroid use, just based on how you come across...
I’m 22 but I’ve been researching about steroids and sarms over a year .. i really can’t decide what sarm to pick to build muscle .. that’s why I’m asking this question.. too many mixed opinions on internet about sarm but about steroids it’s clear . Thanks Dylan
you are at least 5 years away from steroids MINIMUM.. way way way too young.. literally, if you paid me i wouldnt advise steroid use brother
We’ll I respect your opinion dylan and your concerns.. thanks I’ll consider sarms like lgd acp105 for now but if I decide to go the roids route I’ll better research and make things .. anyways thanks mate
you really should wait until 25 to use steroids

but sarms i got no issues using them at 21
Wait until you are older. Even with doing research for a year as you say you are still asking very common questions.
I would definitely go with SARMs. The gains you keep though are not purely based on what PEDs you run. They are based on many other factors like diet, training, PCT.
You are far far far far far too young for steroid use. You are going to have nothing good whatsoever come from using steroids this young.
SARMS are much safer for your age. Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
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