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I am 26 years old, 13% bf, 6'2, and normally weigh 185lbs all year round. Recently started running susta 250 (.5 2x a week) and have been taking my diet VERY serious, and am happy to say that I'm currently 200lbs! This is the most I've ever weighed in my life. I have always struggled with skinny. Before I ever picked up a weight I weighed 160lbs and looked like a twig. Lifted for 6 years and got to 185 but could never get passed that until I started counting macros (recently) and running test. I have been on cycle for 7weeks and have enough for another 7 weeks before I start my pct. (Which I ordered already based on Dylan's recommendation) I have been taking 2 OTC estrogen blockers a day along with 2 fish oil, and 2 milk thistle a day. I have noticed that some days I feel as if my right foot is tingly and feels almost as if it has gone to sleep. This concerns me! So all in all I'm posting this bc I want to know from more experienced ppl if there is anything I should be doing that I'm not or even if maybe I should stop sooner than later? Please fill me in. I am happy with my body rn but could always use more progress!


Arimidex occasionally gave me a, what only can be described as 'popping' in my left ankle. Or maybe a prominent ankle pulse. Not too sure,but defo coincided with days I took arimidex!

Defo sound advice about getting PCT in early. I ordered mine a week before my course ended and its been nabbed by royal mail!! So its been resent FOC! So I'm 1 day post cycle with no help bar arimidex! Not a happy bunny! And we have really bad snow here in the UK so god knows when I'll get my clomid and nolva!!

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that wont cause it whatsoever... thats very weak to say the least... i dont see it having anything to do with anything you are doing