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Hey Dylan big fan I watch a lot of your YouTube videos and follow you on Instagram, I was hoping you could help me out I just started using sarms I’ve been on them for a week now I take beast from sarm source it has yk11 which is 10 mg, sr9009 at 20mg and rad 140 at 10 mg I was wondering what’s the best pct to run to help bring back my test levels, balance my hormones, prevent fat gains, strength loss , lessen side effects and stop catabolism and would you recommend an aromatase inhibitor like anastrozole/ arimidex and I’ve been taking milkweed thistle and flax seed to help protect my liver anything else you’d recommend to protect my organs and what dosages I should be taking all the pct stuff I appreciate any feedback just trying to be as safe and smart about this as possible thanks!!


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you are likely going to need a full pct because what you have is likely a prohormone and not a sarm whatsoever... you need to get bloodwork done to determine but im sure you do not have a real sarm whatsoever