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Hey guys and hopefully Dylan,
I'm a competitor who has recently become interested in sarms, I was wondering what the best sarms would be for the following compounds

I know it's quite heavy but I am a heavyweight competitor, I'm looking at LDG, YK11 and then either s4, GW or MK677

Any help would be really appreciated and Im 4 months out now, thanks guys


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We need your full stats experience and goals bud

With test, tren, and mast s4, gw and RAD would be my choices to go with it.

Rad is great for clean lean mass gains
S4 for strength, hardening, fat loss, and vascularity
GW combats tren sides, improves lipids and blood pressure, increases endurance and has great fat loss abilities

Make sure you get everything from

Here are the dosages

1-12 S4 50mg per day split 25mg am and 25mg 4-6 hours later
1-12 GW 20mg per day dosed 30 minutes preworkout
1-12 RAD140 20mg per day dosed in the am

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Thanks for the quick reply man!
Just wondering why no LDG or YK?
I'm 6ft, 105 kgs at about 8%, classic physique competition in 20 weeks