Raloxifene dosage question?


Hi guys,

While on cycle, ( Dbol, Lgd) I noticed after a week my nipples are puffy and sensitive. Read up on taking Raloxifene to help with my problem.

So I ordered a bottle 30ml x 30mg, just need to know what's the dosage I should be taking?

I did many cycles, this is the first time I developed this symptom. Any advice will be appreciated!!

Thanks guys!!!
there is such thing as estrogen rebound as well. This is why you should be dropping the Dianabol and running aromasin from day one
why on earth would you be running raloxifene?? you do not want that right now

DO NOT go crazy here.. how much dbol are you using and for how long??

why would you be using dbol without an AI?

you need to get bloodwork done first to see just exactly how much estrogen you have because going crazy with anti gyno protocol blasts could crush your estrogen too.. I would get on aromasin right now, 12.5 mg every day until you get the numbers first or you could make things worse if you crush your estrogen in the process
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