Hi Everyone and Dylan!

Been sometime since Ive posted however always reading and watching your YouTube Channel Dylan; Cant tell you enough how amazing your content is and how much Ive reducated myself thrugh your teachings!

Going to try and keep this brief: Started another cycle 2 weeks ago, rather than go through my entire plan I just really have one question (opinion on something I read on another board as I was googling and just looking for some info....

At any rate, im running Tren Ace in my cycle and Im quite familiar with this Anabolic and have ran in many other times with great success. So im just browsing through the net and I come across this post:

Try to get some tren to enter a vein.... best ab workout post inj youll ever have!!

Like said rotation of spots is key, and I prefer to not inj in a worked muscle that day or a muscle I will work the next day; but it happens.
Low right quad
High left quad
right glute
high right quad
low left quad
left glute.

I pin ED and this has worked for me, shlders can be used as well; I just dont like to pin shlds.
I dont think Ill ever do chest or calves.

-So i was reading up on spot injections and was just curious as to what people felt about SI Tren Ace...( I normally stay with my Glutes and shoulders rotating properly) I never really Spot Injected such areas like the chest or biceps, etc. My Quads are the only other place I have SI.... So im reading this guys opinion and as you see he is saying to "get some into your veins"!?

In my 15 years using gear (and again have to thank Dylan on all his advice for my last cycle, which included Sarms was absolutely AMAZING!! and now knowing through Dylans expertise you really dont need the quantities that all the "Bro-Science" if you will instructs)

So reading this vein post, is this not the most ridiculous opinion you have ever read or am I mistaken? Because as I said in all my years I was always told that Anabolics are never to be injected IV only IM.... Let me know if im off on this matter or is this guy right in saying: "try to get some into your veins"?:confused:
Spot injection theory is some of the biggest crock of shit broscience myths out there, thinking you can inject a certain muscle group and that area will get bigger. Anabolics enter and circulate the bloodstream so it doesn't matter where you inject it. If that were the case my quads and glutes would be HUGE instead if my weakest bodypart.

I'm not understanding what you mean about injecting into a vein purposely as a good idea. But that's a good way to cough and feel like you are dying, and enpugh oil and it would kill you. DO NOT INJECT OILS INTRAVENOUSLY
Spot injections don't work, at least not like they're purported to. The hormone needs to enter the bloodstream; it will not go directly to that muscle's receptors. The only potential benefit would be the local inflammation from the injection, which will be extremely minimal at best. Not even worth considering IMO, just inject in locations that work the best for you.
Hey Rick,

I was just sharing a post from another board.....IV injections of Anabolics is an absolute NO NO to my knowledge.... I just wanted to share what this guy was reccomending to basically heed a warning!
I think he meant it sarcastically as to get tren in your vein and you will get tren cough and cough your ass off horrendously, which in turn will work your abs. Don't do it. lol
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my thoughts eactly, however when i was reading the thread from that forum; it didnt feel like he was coming off sarcastically! such a dangerous thing to mention even if it was sarcastic!

Also, Dylan just wanted to say; great video today on IM injections! Im totally OCD when it comes to my IM injections! Always use a new needle; and use Curad Alcohol swabs for all disenfection of injection site as well as the top of each bottle prior to use!
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