Question about AI’s


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Hi Dylan,

I just finished running test cyp 500mg/wk and Deca Durabolin 480mg/week and I recently switched out the Deca with Equipoise 600mg/wk. I’ve been taking Aromasin 25mg/daily the entire time.
However, as we know EQ aromatizes more than Deca, and I tend to be sensitive to estrogen effects.

I’ve noticed I’m holding a bit of water and before I started the Aromasin I was getting the starting symptoms of gyno (the puffy tender nipples, and very small amount of fat around the area which makes an awkward looking fold at the lower chest area when I do like a crab pose for example) I only just got rid of it a few months ago and now it’s starting to come back. So I’ve decided to switch the Femera. I have some 2mg tablets on the way.

It’s my understanding that the half-life is different as well as the potency. What dose and frequency would you recommend to start out with if I’m already taking the 25mg/day of A-sin up until the time the Letro arrives and am somewhat estrogen prone?

I know that there are videos and articles about AI’s out there but I couldn’t find anything specifically about switching from one to the other, they all talk about starting without already being on one and describe how to taper up and back down on them. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I trust and respect you because of your knowledge and experience.


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you have no business using letro right now... you are not needing that man... you are going to end up crushing your estrogen... eq aromatizes at a very very low rate.. you need to get bloodwork before you do anything else... test at 500 is not a small dose and thats where you would be getting elevated estrogen


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Understood, and duly noted. I have my test levels, creatinine, and liver enzymes tested regularly among other things but will check the estrogen. Thanks for your time brother.