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Our friends at evo at it again...


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Typical Evo, its almost as bad as how far they push there non pharma gear from N2BM. Bros I have developed a tumor, what I do? Gearheads response don't use Pharma Grade medicines bro, they made from dog poop bro, use a product like N2G and HCG generate 24 caps a day bro, proven to kill tumors bro, made by good people bro. Every phucking statement is a sales pitch.
I know a bunch of dudes that can shut down evo permanently, I could probably do it if i knew an IP.. These dickheads are just mad they cant pay their rent anymore


I just cant believe they havnt pissed off the wrong person yet. Like out of all the shennanigans how has someone not been like, you know what... fuck you... and ripped it down.


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As many of you know, the site has been down all morning... There was another attack from the Ukraine, which we all know is the home of fudge pack alpaha, aka gear queer... We tried to play nice and they just continue to attempt this shit so at this point, fuck them!

hey bro are you not using cloudfare to protect against DDOS? you should look into using something like that works well. These little bitches are losing hold of everything..... Evo is falling apart.

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bro you see my post on scammers?

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bro i'm sorry man but saying all other sources except roidmass are scams is extremely misleading and false. People are standing by taking notice but at least be accurate instead of categorizing all other sources except roidmass as scams because we both know its not true. Then to close the thread really creates lack of transparency no? We're all men...... you guys stated you arent closing threads unless its spam but these arent spam.

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bro its a private forum...we close threads per our rules...

read this why closed

Lol he's not evening hiding it anymore. People are messaging all the members and telling each other what's happening over there! I've been messaged already 2 or 3 times.

They are losing control and i hope more people realize this and come over here.