Off season


Test C 500mg
EQ 400mg
Proviron 50mg
Week 1-4
Dbol 10mg

Third cycle
Want size remaining as lean as I can whilst enjoying the wonders of a off season any advice of dosing never used EQ what you lot think of it all replies appreciated
This stack seems fine as long as you have your, support ancillaries, AI. and PCT squared away as well. Keep in mind dianabol is liable to bloat you so you probably won't have a lean look while running that.
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400 mg is quite low on eq and you will likely be disappointed with it at that dose... i would bump that to 600...
Off season goals right now put on as much size as I can safely I’m not a heavy steroid user I always use the lowest dosages at first so I always have room to increase I’m not expecting the world from EQ I ran test only and test Tbol cycles in the past and each time put over 5kg muscle indicated by the equipment I could source . So I have read a lot people start on 600mg EQ I’ll alter it after I see how my body reacts maybe I’m overly cautious as I’m using new agents such as dbol also want to minimise any risks and I might switch to prop and run for 10 weeks is EQ still suitable for that period at 600mg cause it’s a slow release

thank you for advice and yes Aromisin as always and PCT

nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20
aromasin 12.5 mg eod (adjust accordingly
you do whatever you want... i just know what you will see form that dose and it wont be much...
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