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Hi I've been watching your videos on u tube I have a big big problem I hope u can help me with.i use to take was for 20years.come off because my partner wanted a babe.ever since I came off I can not get a erection I have zero libido.ive seen few doc now and endocrinologist .who put me on trt I still was no better with my sex drive.was told my body is use to testosterone. 8 mouths down the line I spoke with some one told me to go back on.then taper off I did do that I felt no better at all still had no sex endocrinologist told me my receptors r not responding that's why I have no libido.i have been off everything for 12mouths still no better.was told by my doc that I have permanently damage my receptors. Then I was told that u can't damage u no if this can happen to the receptors or not?.Will they get better in time if you no this.ive tried everything but nothing works.could you help me out with answers regarding this very be grateful hope to hear soon
It has nothing to do with receptors bro. Complete broscience. Do you have bloodwork done to see what might be off? That's where you need to start
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