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Age 23
Height 5 11"
Weight 136
Body fat % about none
Years of training 3
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) in my freshman year of college I ran an Hdrol cycle. I didn't really know what I was doing. I had a PCP in pill form and milk th. Was about 148ish then and now I'm fucking skinny af again. I hate it. Sick of it. 100% committed. I found my brothers only stash it has MEANT about half a bottle left. And a full testasterone 100mg. I kinda want to learn a bunch more about this shit and take it seriously. Lift heavy for a month like fully grind it. Then maybe take this. Idk. Shits gotta change. Definitely a begginer to all steroids so bare w me.
PCT for each cycle
Goals To not be 130 fucking pounds at 23 years old.
Supplements (if any) protein.
General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???) No food allergies. Could honestly sit down now and eat had dozen donuts and not a thing would happen to me.
Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.) N/A
Ok bro, I appreciate your enthusiasm and the fact that you want to improve your physique, however you need to take a million steps back...

You don’t just “lift heavy for a month” and then start taking steroids! You need to build a base before you run anything and it’s obvious you haven’t built it yet... also, you’re too young to be running steroids. It’s not safe.

If you want to really change something, calculate your TDEE ( and post your diet, so we can help you make some changes and maybe you could then try sarms.

Trust me that steroids here are not the solution.. the reason why you weigh 136lbs resides on your dinner plate
100% committed...REALLY ???

But not committed enough to:
LEARN HOW TO EAT CORRECTLY (hint..not donuts)
Commitment is a long hard want what you want NOW....that's about as far from committed as you can get

Bro....your answer lies at the end of a fork....
NOT the end of a.needle
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dude this is absolutely absurd, i mean just absurd!

i would not advise you to use steroids if you paid me a million dollars.. yes, you can make your own choices but im certainly not contributing to someone ruining your life... listen man, i get THOUSANDS of questions per day and I have been doing this a long time and have seen it all... i think i know what happens to guys that use steroids your age and you know what, its never good, not at all... you are gong to learn a very very severe and lifelong lesson that i have a feeling you dont want to encounter... you are too young to be using ANYTHING bro... be smart, don't be a fool and learn the hard way…

you need to watch my video on the dangers of underage steroid use…
Hey bud, I'm going to try and be as nice as possible to you because I've been where you are. I was about the same weight when I was 23, even though I had been lifting quite a while. I also felt like I couldn't gain anything. The truth is I just had to learn how to eat. Once you get your diet down and realize the right foods and quantities you need, you can make big gains. Just realize it doesn't come overnight. It takes years of consistency to build a good natural base. You are too undersized for steroids, and too young. Once you get your diet locked in and some good training behind you, sarms could be a good option for you....but first things first.

Take a look at this thread, and it should get you on the right track with diet
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