Mk2866 10mg 4-6 weeks injury


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hi all new to the forum I recently posted yesterday about a sarm cycle however I honestly dont think I'm ready to do it as i would much rather learn everything there is to know with regards to pct etc before messing about with my hormones however this brings to the topic of the title iv read multiple forums online stating no pct is required for mk2866? , iv had a nagging shoulder joint problem for 3 weeks my first injury in the gym since I started 8 years ago iv read that mk is the go to when it comes to healing? has anyone experience with this sarm anything that can help me to start training again would be great , would something like 10mg 4-6 weeks really cause suppression? really dont want to pct for such a small boost any help would be great I'm based in the uk so having a hard time finding a reputable company
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