Mass GW-50156

Thank You dylan!

I will take other sarms on the site:

But I also have Sarms from this site

And what sarms from this legit site is

I used RAD-140, MK-677 and YK-11 three years ago and had no hair (and health) issues

i would not use them at all... ive heard many bad things about them... sarms4sale and umbrella sarms are the two top places i can recommend
All right, I'm going to buy a new stack.

I hesitate for the MEGA shred / recomp stack compact:

GW-501516, RAD-140, YK11 and S4. and one more GW.

for 9 weeks will that be enough?

I weigh 93kg and I want to reach 106 kg, always protecting my hair which has not yet recovered.

Its a 12 week cycle… nine weeks? Where wre you coming up with something so odd?
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