Low Test Levels After 8 Week Blast


So I did an 8 week blast with test p, npp and anavar. I am on TRT (been on for 3 years now) so I just went back to my prescribed dosage which I also maintained throughout the blast. So it looked like this:

Test C 180mg ew
Test P 100mg eod 1-8
NPP 100mg eod 1-8
Anavar 50mg ed 1-6

Prior to hopping on this blast my total test level was 1138 and now they are 468 just 5 weeks after stopping the blast. I don't understand why it would be lower now. Any ideas? My doctor asked me today if I missed a shot or something. I was actually surprised to hear how low the number was. All my other bloodwork was normal.
That is odd since your TRT is prescribed. So you know the gear is legit and dosed properly. I would go for another test. Things should be levelled out by now.
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