LGD-4033 at 18?


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Now before everyone loses their shit; no I have not started a cycle, and i'm quite skeptical about it. I know the negative effects of using steroids at an early age, but theirs not a very clear explanation on Sarms. It mostly just a bunch people flaming those who post questions about using Sarms at a young age. I know people don't count SARMs as steriods since the receptors target different things, but in my opinion anything that is adding additional hormones into ones body, is a steroid; but that's not my question. Last week I impulse bought a full cycle of lgd for 8 weeks, along with Nolva and Clomid. I was influenced by people that I know that have had positive experiences with steroids (Anavar) much stronger than any SARMs. Some of these individuals have taken this at the age of 18, and now live healthy lives with children at 30. I know just because someone else didn't have any negative effects, doesn't mean it will be the same for me. I know the risk of taking these supplements also, but I don't understand how severe the risk are.

I'm 18 years old and I've lost over 120 pounds in little more than a year(Atkins). The weight loss was successful, but it came with a MAJOR drop in strength and muscle, and minor loose skin. I'm 170 6'0 and basically bone and skin. I bought sarms as an alternative to stronger steroids. I don't believe in the bullshit that you can walk away from Sarms clean, but I don't know WHAT you walk away with. I'm not worried about my fucking balls shrinking up, because of the Serms I've bought; but I am worried about what will happen 10+ years down the line.

Will taking 10mg of LGD-4033 a day for 8 weeks right now at the age of 18, have chance of screwing up my body later in life? (following a cycle of Nolva and Clomid for 4 weeks.)

I can tell you right now, I know I'm not done developing, and I've tried going to the gym, but It was a disaster. Nothing compared to what I was able to accomplish at 300 pounds. I just want to know, with the Serms I have, will it not just stabilize my T levels, but help prevent the horror stories we read on the internet?

Do you guys also think I should start the cycle or that the risk is too great at 18?=

My mind has not been made up yet, and I'm open to all opinions, I also thank anyone who took the time to respond to this post.
20 yrs old minimum for SARMS

25 yrs old minimum for AAS.

No one in their right mind will advise any younger than this.
no one here is going to advise a teenager ped use of any kind... if you paid me i wouldnt do advise it... thats as far as the discussion is going to go on it
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