It’s time! I’m back and glad to be back !!

Brothas, sisters, chicken eating monsters , die hard dieters, and all you wanna-be’s it’s been a long long while!!! It’s good to be back and amongst many of you, now only few of you, that I remember from what is being thought of more as my Golden days!! Lol A lot has transpired along my journey in life and with my fitness goals. I ran across a gentleman at the ER in Honolulu one night getting some meds for a bad case of strep ... funny story... but to keep it short the male nurse assigned to me was a guy i competed with for years in the local circuits. We stared at each other , in a non sexual way for all you sick fuckers, it was like we were amazed how much we both aged and that we both had a few grays here and there on the beard ... being the gentlemen we are we greeted eachother like how creed and balboa might have after getting a little older and we talked about the past and was able to catch up on current events. Then he pinned my ass With some antibiotics, like a good friend would for your first cycle lol, then that was it. Seeing him spawned something inside me ... made me feel aggressive and competitive haha... made me hungry! I wanted a little of that something that was in my life before....the following week I decided to get my ass back in the gym. Guess who I see there hahahaha yup my nemesis and good friend hahaha ...He looked up saw me and came over ... said with a smile,
“one last time. You and me on that stage. we got one more in us!” Then walked away. Hell yes !! It’s it’s time to get born again!! Let’s do this!!!
great to see you back brother! i saw you post yesterday and was going to shoot you a message but now you made this thread... great to hear from you
It’s really an honor to be here... and to see you’re still continuing your work and still contributing positively to the fitness arena. Thanks Dylan much appreciated bro.
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