It only gets better

So I figured I'd share this with you guys since the majority (i hope) can sympathize.
On my second cycle and this one consist of dbol....oral, LIQUID! Fml! This is some horrible tasting Shit. I have a puller where I measure and just plunge it straight back, but twice a day for a few weeks. Smh. My guy was out of the pills so I got stuck with the LIQUID
Laugh it up. Lol

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Well, as long as it worked well for you, it's not so bad. Liquid wouldn't be my first choice either. For future reference, there are plenty of sources here that can hook you up with some Dbol anytime you need


Nah mn. suck it up. Its just grain alcohol or PEG. Your good. I like the taste Shit I would order it at the bar. No whiskey here. Il just take a glass of liquid dbol!
Lol. I'm good on shots of dbol. Its like flaming alcohol. Is try the caps but it seems like a pain in the ass. Think I'll just suck it up and keep throwing my fits when I swallow it. Def gonna give the oj a try. That's what I chase it with.
But since discovering this forum of gold I'll never deal with this LIQUID Shit again.
Can't wait for my next cycle

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