TRT and Arimidex

Hey guys,

Been on TRT (150mg a week) for about 6 months now. My doctor has me taking .5mg of arimidex a week. The bottle says take it once a week. However, thought it might be a better idea to split that and take it twice a week. (So .25mg 2x a week instead of .5mg 1xweek.)

However, I am starting to get real annoyed because whenever I use my pill splitter, it always messes up one of the quarter of the pills. Meaning, it breaks up where I can't even use it. So I'm essentially wasting 1/4 of the arimidex pill.

Do any of you guys just take arimidex 1x a week? Only reason I decided to split it is because I figured it would help control my estrogen better as opposed to 1x a week. But does it make much of a difference?

Shouldn't need it
So I get what you guys are saying, and I appreciate your responses.

But based on my numbers, after 6 months of using 150mg of test a week, and .5 mg of arimidex a week, my estrogen (estradiol) went from 27 to 29. I know most if not all of you guys are endocrinologists, but if I were to stop the .5mg of arimidex a week, you don't see my estrogen going higher? Considering it went up 2 points using the arimidex. If it does go up a little higher, should I not worry as much?

I am using a Hormonal clinic for this. My doctor won't recommend me for TRT because my total test levels were about 350 and I would prefer to go this route than UG. I know I pay a little more, but I am fine with that. But like you guys said, I don't want to pay for things I don't need.
I used to get TRT from a well known local san diego clinic. One of the OG places. They did routine blood work every few months and wouldn't even blink at an estradiol less than 45.
My test levels were around 700-750 and estradiol sat at about 35-40 on 125-150mg per week for years. Clinically normal estradiol for a healthy male is 40-50 on the high end..age dependant obviously.
All about the ratio.
What is your test blood level? That is honestly the most important question here.
I realize nobody is really answering your question about a once a week dose either.. damn tangents.
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