I never heard of this

Interesting points but i think parents should be worried about kids idols, not me.
If some stupid ass kids get messed up following some random thing it is because the parents aren't on the job.
People need to be accountable for there own stuff.

Except for the giant watches and woman's shoe closet full of gucci sneakers, I respect the dudes hustle.

The very first argument from politicians on legalization of
pot is this.
What are we going to when the kids get it, and flunk school, won't work, and go to jail etc. Looking out for the welfare of the young IS our business, not just mom and dad. How many stupid things did I do and I had STRICT parents.

Also Rich aside...I have been reading lots on that Metacril. It is quite expensive and done in Mexico. They do the large muscle groups. So rich had biceps and triceps done for sure. I saw pics of glutes, biceps, and triceps, and he has the same look. What a smoke up your ass dude. I have never seen his legs, just his big balloon arms. If he did glutes, quads etc then he spent to an awful lot of money to look like a hot air balloon.
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