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  • Любите играть в популярную и всем известную игру Sims 4 и хотите сделать её более насыщенной и внести новые и свежие краски в увлекательный игровой процесс? Тогда наш сайт поможет Вам в этом без труда, предоставив самые последние и новые дополнения, паки и моды для симулятора жизни Симс 4! Переходите на сайт, выбирайте то что Вам нужно и качайте прямо сейчас!
    Hey Jake! I heard you were the man to talk to about SARM detection times? How long should you stop Ostarine before a USADA drug test?
    Part two: However, I've looked into Sarms and other PEDs as an option to help me get back on my feet. I know they are against the rules, and I know there are risks. I'm not asking for you to condone it in anyway. However, I am asking if you know if there are any Sarms that are tested for, if they are, how are they tested for, is there a way to mask them, is there a way to dose them to an undetectable but productive level, or if there are any other alternative PEDs? Before you tell me to just stick to my creatine, protein, and BCAAs, I already am. I'm truly on my last resort here. I'd greatly and truly appreciate anything you can give me on this. Thank you
    Jake, I am a division 1 college football player in a power 5 conference. I have trained in the weight room for nearly my whole life, and I would consider it to be one of my main interests/hobbies. This spring I had the misfortune of sustaining a knee injury that required surgery. The rehab and timing of it all were terrible, and now I have found myself cleared to play but at a huge strength and pain disadvantage. I'm at the point where I have lost my job in the depth and am feeling very negative about my current situation. If things don't turn around as far as how things are going and my overall pain level, I might just throw in the towel and focus on finishing my degree.
    Hey Jake, like u said I might have read the wrong posts and need all the help I can get. I am 5'9 looking to drop some fat and gain some lean muscle. If my stack is way off, what do you recommend that I do?
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