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Hello Mr Gemelli,

I have been watching you and many others giving advice for about 2 years now, I feel I have done my due diligence. The one reason I feel you are 100% correct is just because the small amounts of eating changes Ive done has made me feel much better and the weight loss has worked.
The reason I really needed to contact you is because I feel a doctor messed me up. I know you are not a doctor but as I have done my homework, I also have a chemical degree, I understand the science behind what you are talking about.
I was in my early 40s when I contracted Bells Palsy, I was given Prednisone, ramped up from 20ug to 60ug, stayed on 60ug for over a month then given 1 week to get off the dose. I did talk to another doctor that told me the most Prednisone he had ever prescribed was 15ug because it is such a nasty cortisol steroid. The only thing I knew about it was it would make you gain weight and it worked the opposite of other steroids but it was super effective against viruses and infections. It did work, I had no paralysis in my face, I felt I was back 100%. I didnt gain any weight but my eyesight got blurry, I felt weaker in the gym, I had moon face and looked puffier. The problems started after I was off of it, I got weaker, no drive, I find it hard to workout at all anymore. I weigh about 305lbs now, I feel my body has shut down my testosterone. I found your channel, I started listening to your advice about food, I still don’t have the energy to go back to the gym but I have lost weight just eating good.
I feel now that my diet is sustainable as the way I can eat for the rest of my life. I should my nutritionist my diet, they are happy with it, I should be able to eat the portions for the rest of my life and maintain a good weight for my height. The problem is that I have not lost weight for about 3 months, I have tried upping my portions and lowering to see if my body is fighting me. The other problem is that I still have no energy, I don’t feel very strong, I still feel very sluggish. I know it has to be my testosterone, I have every symptom, including my sex drive.
I saw your video on Sustanon 250, I also heard that I could get it in Mexico in the form of a shot. I don’t remember if it was you but someone said you could go to Mexico once every 3 months and get the injection so you wouldn’t have to bring it back illegally.
I need help with what you think would be a good dose, I want to have the energy to do the work, Im not the type of person that think that test is the magic pill, I’m willing to do the work, I just want to feel good about myself and have the energy to build muscle now that I am in my late 40s.
you need to go to an endorcrinologist and you need bloowork... you cant just go on assumption man
Definitely go get a second opinion from a different doctor. Unfortunately sometimes you have to go see numerous doctors before things get worked out. Good luck to you.
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