Hit Snooze and Still Seize Your Day


It’s happened to all of us. Whether its because you stayed up late or your body just needed the extra rest, you’ve hit the forbidden “snooze” button. But what if it’s still possible to “own” your morning, even with a late start? Owning your morning isn’t necessarily just waking up earlier than you usually do, but it’s about using those prime hours after waking to really set the tone for your day, leaving you able to smash out anything that life hands to you for the day. No matter how late you woke up, you still have the power to transform your day into a happy and healthy experience.

Having a solid morning routine is a great way to have control and peace of mind for the rest of your day. Many people fail to realize how important morning routines are and how they can impact your whole day, so even if you’re not a morning person, the following strategies can still set you up for focus and all-day energy.

Get Your Blood Pumping

First thing in the morning (well, maybe after a cup of coffee) is where we are most focused and productive, science says. So this is the best time to knock out your most demanding task. For you, that might be your workout. By hitting the gym (or home gym) first thing, you’ll start the flow of endorphins which will help set the tone and put you in a better mood for the rest of your day. Not to mention, you’ll likely have fewer distractions than in the afternoon or evening. Additionally, if you get your workout in early, you’ll be more likely to pick healthier food choices. Win-win.

Ice Cold Shower

Yes, you read that right. While it sounds like a terrible experience, thousands of people from all over the world have already started incorporating cold showers into their morning routines. Cold showers can reduce stress levels overall, through a process called “hardening”, in which your nervous system gradually gets used to handling moderate stress. A cold shower can also cause a higher level of alertness by decreasing the level of CO2 in your body from taking deeper breaths. Cold showers require a strong mind to endure the cold for extended periods of mind, so over time you will be strengthening your willpower.

So here’s how to do it. Hop in the shower like usual, then prepare yourself by taking 30 slow, deep, and controlled breaths. Then, without thinking too much about it, turn the water all the way down to the coldest it can get. Set a timer for only 3 minutes (not going to lie, these 3 minutes may seem like an eternity, but just remember what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger). During these 3 minutes, focus on getting your breath under control as soon as possible. That’s it, just 3 minutes and its over.

Stop the Excuses, Get Started

You know that thing that you’ve been putting off, maybe it’s something small but tedious like setting up a new workout routine, or perhaps something more time consuming like installing a large complex piece of workout in your home gym. Instead of waiting until the last minute to do it, now is the perfect time to just get it done. You are more productive and focused in the mornings, and you’ll feel much more accomplished after getting this out of the way. So instead of setting yourself up for failure- get to it!

Make a Smarter To-Do List

You can make a to-do list either in the morning or the night before, either way setting a goal or crossing it off the list feels great. When you have a task that didn’t get done, subconsciously it can interfere with the other tasks you have to do, so you either end up not putting your all into it, or not getting it done entirely. Take your workouts for example. Many people find solace in having a plan laid out before they hit the gym. Whether mentally, in a logbook, or an app. If you walk into the gym without a plan in mind, often you’re setting yourself up to not have the most efficient workout. You may find yourself finding excuses as to why you don’t have to do the last set, or an exercise entirely. Another way to look at your to-do list is to view the overall picture as a plan on how you’re going to do the things you’ve been putting off or need to get done. Either way, when planning your day overall, its good to break down your to-do list into different categories.

First, the most important things on your list that are required – no matter what - are the indisputables. These tasks are non-negotiable, and you’ll be more likely to do them if you carve out a time to do them. For example – morning cardio at 6:00, prepare breakfast at 7:15, drop the kids off at school at 7:50, you get the idea.

Next category on your list are the manuals. These items on the list are not an urgent priority, more like something you can do on the fly, or where-and-if-you-can-to-dos. Things like placing an order for the gear you need for your workouts, update your billing info on that website, filling out your stats on your new tracking app. You know, things that would be great to get done, but you can just squeeze them in when you can.

Last are the floaters. These things are even less urgent than the manuals, things that you’d like to get done in the next 30-60 days. Catching up with an old gym buddy, a nonurgent email, etc. Getting these things done feels amazing to finish, but they also shouldn’t stress you out. Just simply writing them down is good enough for today (unless you just have the motivation to do them).

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Ultimately, a late start to the day is not the end of the world, and you shouldn’t punish yourself. If you have the time, still allow yourself to enjoy your morning brew. Allow yourself to have peace of mind that with a proper plan to the day, you can still achieve greatness and own the day. Ok enough now. BOOM, now go do it!
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