Help ! Proper dosing using 1ml syringe

I got burned by uniquemicals back in the day. The shit was bunk, and the containers were leaking. That shit use to come in plastic vitamin bottles. One of my mk2866 was half empty! I contacted their customer support and they basically told me to fuck off.

Well there ya go! That would never happen with P/E
Not bein a ass but just sayin in general. It's blows my mind how people but shit and don't even know how to run it. Or know anything about it..
Pure Essence forever. That should be on a new shirt.

Seriously though, PE has great customer service and their products are the real deal. The GW and S4 stack took me one level passed being human.
How did this guy end up at uniquemicals when pure essence is right here.

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It's an easy mistake for those that aren't on this board and aren't aware of the truth behind some of these other sources. That's why we try to do our best to try and educate everyone here about making the RIGHT choices to get what they pay for
Luckily I did plenty of research before ordering and found my way to this forum just in time. PE Dylan and everyone else here have been more than helpful. Thanks all and merry Christmas

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