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Hi everyone. I have tried my best to watch all of the videos on youtube and read as much as possible, and have come to the following conclusions, please could you kindly advise me if this is correct or what needs adjusting. Thank you so much.

Age - 25
Been training since around 19 constantly.
Height - 6ft
Weight - Around 110kg - I have quite bit of muscle mass on me, but I am also not lean - Id guess around 15% atm.

I have loose skin as I used to weigh 138kg at around 18 (obese) before I started eating healthy and training, but its come to the point where I have stalled, my body has not changed much in a year despite me training hard 5 days a week for at least 2 hours a day ( maybe since I am always when cutting), my body never seems to look better, as it feels like as i am losing some muscle mass from the dieting, my body looks and feels looser due to the skin. hence why I wanted to jump on something to help me put on some size, whilst ill be eating around maintenance calories/slight surplus so I can basically recomp, adding mass will make my body fat % lower yet fill my body out.

My plan - First cycle ever.

Test E only ( 500 mg per week) for 12 weeks.

During the cycle, I have read about AI's and can only get access to Arimidex, which I would take around 1mg every other day for the 12 weeks along with the test.

I heard from a different source that every 5 days to inject the test would be good?

After the 12 weeks, I would wait 2 weeks completely from the last jab of test to then start PCT, which I've read to use both Nolvadex and Clomid, can you please advise me on how long to do so for, and the dosages)

I believe that would be everything?

Please if there is something wrong, help me out as I have tried my best to do my own homework here. Thanks so much.

Lastly, someone I know told me to use HCG - should I stick to the above method or how could I implement this? Thanks!
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i certainly wouldnt advise steroid use at your age.. there might be some that will but im not one of them...
Thanks Dylan, I understand and fully respect your opinion very much so, but I have thought about it carefully...I don’t see myself getting carried away with this, I just need a catalyst, and thought this would be the safest and smartest approach...if done right, which is why I seek your guidance..
"Weight - Around 110kg - I have quite bit of muscle mass on me, but I am also not lean - Id guess around 15% atm."

if youre 6ft 110kg and 15bf, dude. Then u are fucking huge. For a natural lifter, thats insane. You sure about the 15%?

Im 6'1, 93kg 10-12%. And im considered to be in great fucking shape in my gym, lol :)

however, from my perspective the cycle seems fine. 1mg of arimidex eod is quite alot. Atleast for me, im talking from my experience. I can get away with alot less. But we're all different. Id say, start with 0.5 eod, or even e3d. If ur nipples are sensitive/aching go for more.

and now im gonna get a punch in the face from Dylan. But i feel like 12 weeks on a test E or C cycle is quite short. For me i feel the long estered test starts to kick as it should around 5, or even 6 weeks in. Then quit it after another 6-7 weeks. Nah id go for 15-16 weeks. But thats me, listen to Dylan.
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thats fine, you can do whatever you want... im not your dad... im just also not contributing to it
I understand, and actually really respect you for that. I know it’s not the smartest thing/safest thing to do, but I was hoping that I’d rather do something silly, as safe and educated as possible, rather than something silly, done stupidly hence all my I have a lot of respect for you when it comes to this topic Dylan, and know you are a genuinely good guy so I trusted your advise and hoped it would help me do it safely.
i hope you see that im being a good guy by not advising something i know is wrong... you can ask it a million different ways, put a million different spins on it , etc. but my answer wont change
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