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So the VA ( Veterans Administration ) has me on T cypionate with a 100 MG dose a week or 200mg once every other week. The VA won't go more because my levels stay around 500. From what I gather I should be a bit higher to get the full effects of T for fat loss, workout, well being and etc. Any help or thoughts on this. From what I have read maybe I am right or wrong is 250 MG a week would be a better dosage
you are wrong man

if you want to be given more then go to an anti aging clinic which is for profit and they only care about selling you something

compare it to going to the auto mechanic for an oil change but the guy telling you that you need 5 other things that you don't really need. same concept.

250mgs a week test isn't healthy for trt . you will strain your organs and prostate.
you aren't understanding the difference between TRT and cycling steroids. the dosages are not the same
Stick to that trt dose it's safe and effective and then just blast steroids whenever you want but take time off your blast
the idea is to get your numbers where they should be naturally it's not to get them well beyond that
so 100 mg a week is a good healthy dose?
The mg doesn’t matter so much as you think it does. Everyone reacts diff to diff doses. Your doctor from the VA is absolutely just gonna give you juts enough to get you to the bare minimum of a test level. So I would go to a health clinic they are everywhere and even some online and you get a bottle of test that day most cases lol.

I’m curious what your levels were before you started because a 500 test level can be obtained with just some basic herbs and test boosters.

As long as your test stays under 1000 and I might even argue that around 1000 is perfect and the optimal way to be on TRT if your a fitness person who gyms often. Not just some fat slob who wants a little extra energy and ability to get ther D$fk up.
so 100 mg a week is a good healthy dose?
NOONE can answer that.. the healthy dose is what works for YOU... when you have hypogonadal conditions, like any other condition, some get it more severe than others.. the dose is proportionate to what puts you in a healthy range.. 500 is just fine of a number.. 250 mg of trt is a dose that is essentially being on cycle unless you just have such a sever condition where you body just does not metabolize exogenous testosterone properly... which would be on the rare side.. so unless you have bad symptoms of low testosterone, then you are at a good number...
I only do 150mg a week and it keeps me in the 700-800 range and I feel good in those ranges if I dip below those ranges I felt awful everyone is different what works for me might not for you.
I'd prefer levels to be a little higher, like in the 800s but 250mg a week is too much for almost everyone. 150mg for me is just right but everyone is different
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