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Ellow everybody !!im new on this forum so lets get start .
I’ve 20 age .
6’2 and 68 kg (a Little bit muscle on me )
Just Want to make my first sarms cycle
The goal is too bulk up
Just wanna start a good diet aprox :
2800 caories
And yeah iF u guys can Tell me one good cycle with a good pct i will be fine.
Workout A-T home pullups pushups squats
PS: i just want to start to 0
Years training 0
EDIT: where can i Find some good Sarms but more FOR budget more cheap They are big prices
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Come back when you've trained consistently a few years with a good diet and hard training building a good natural foundation. Right now you are as far away from ready for cycling as it gets
The only thing you should be thinking about is learning how to train and eat right. "Cycling" should not be in your vocabulary right now
years training or lack there of says it all.. stop looking and hoping for a shortcut thats not there... i despise that kind of thinking
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