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    Sarms for Skinny fat

    Greetings to all I know theres a millie threads on this skinny fat issue which I've been on ever since 18 now 33 yrs I got the worst type body swear and its so hard to build muscle I've been training ever since I was 17 but not consistently and mostly lightweight Here's my info Weight 85kgs...
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    Type 1 Diabetes and Sarms

    Hello I'm a new member. I found this forum because I was interested in taking SARMS for my bulking phase. I'm a type 1 diabetic and I get blood work done every 4 months. My A1C is at a healthy level and I have no issues related to my diabetes, I lift weights 4 days a week and do MMA training 2...
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    SARMS for tendon repair?? Ostarine.MK-677?

    I heard ostarine heals tendons and ligaments but i heard you cant run it as long as other sarms like mk677 which may also have healing benefits. I’m also looking for size benefits and strength gains but heavy lifting especially on pull days seem to compromise the tendinitis i have on the medial...
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    First cycle

    Ellow everybody !!im new on this forum so lets get start . I’ve 20 age . 6’2 and 68 kg (a Little bit muscle on me ) Just Want to make my first sarms cycle The goal is too bulk up Just wanna start a good diet aprox : 2800 caories And yeah iF u guys can Tell me one good cycle with a good pct i...
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    Beginner questions and concerns

    Hello, I'm seriously considering using sarms for the first time. I'm really into fitness and want to get into modeling at some point. I've already built a pretty great physique in the last 2 years. As a beginner to using anything (outside of normal supplements like protein powders...
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