drop tren and run npp?


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so for the last 6 weeks ive ran 400mg test prop a week and 525 mg tren ace a week with .5mg caber every three days and 12.5 mg aromasin every other day.

the problem is mentally the tren is messing with me. its causing some issues with my wife.

so question is can i drop tren and finish the last 6 weeks with npp? i was thinking 50 to 75 mg everyday.
you can if you want... 6 weeks is a bit low... you will get results but you are selling it short...
Lower your Tren dosage by half and finish your cycle. It's way too high in the first place.
Lower your dose way down. You can still make great gains on 200-300mg of tren per week. You could even lower your test too and reduce side effects further. Tren is a tough one and isn't for everyone.
I agree that Tren is way to high and you should drop it to half of what you're running. 300mg a week
i appriciate all you guys. i already ordered npp. but it will take a couple weeks to get in. so in the mean time ill drop the tren dose and see how i feel when the npp arrives.
I wouldn't switch at this point. Hajf that amount of tren is more than plenty
NPP is a longer ester than Tren Ace and will take 2-3 weeks to kick in. At this point you should do as advised. Lower your Tren dosage and finish your cycle.
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