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Good evening Mr. Dylan Gemelli. I’m a big fan. I’ve watched all your videos. Thank you for the information you post. I wanted your professional opinion. I’m 42 years old, 5’11 height, 210 lbs. I have always been in good shape and in good health. I’m writing to you because I’m interested in doing a nice cut cycle. And I really need a little more info. 18 months ago I had surgery on both my feet. I’m an athlete trying to get back in good shape. For 3 months now, I’ve been working out very hard, eating very struck, “counting my calories and macros” and I feel great again. But I wanted to do a great cut stack. I was thinking.... guide me here please!
Wk 1 - 16:
Sustaining 250 1CC a wk every wk
EQ 300 1 every wk
Then I wanted to throw in the mix some Primo, Mast, Winnie.
Orals: T3, at beginning or end for 6 weeks max, and T-bol.
Arimidex 0.5 MG EOD
HCG 600 IU’s every wk at beginning of wk
PCT 8 wks. 15 days after last shot.
Don’t know exactly how to mix in and when to do what and when not to do what. Please help. If it’s to much or do I need something else. Thank you for all your help and your awesome videos.


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i would not recommend any steroid use at this point... you dont use steroids to get yourself back into shape... you have to get yourself into condition first man... you are not going about this properly.. i love the attitude and the fact you want to make the changes but i cant advise you to use steroids at this time... not to mention you want run way too much... t3 needs to be lost from your vocabulary... i mean this is crazy... you have SIX different things you want to run which is already nuts and not to mention you've only been back in the gym 3 months... brother, you have to slow it down in a MAJOR way