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Can anyone recommend what blood work I should get?

From what I can understand, Some companies will sell you bloodwork documentation that you take to a clinic I guess? They then take your blood and run the appropriate tests that relate to the documentation or maybe they take your blood and you post it back to the company and they do the blood work ?

i’m a little lost on how this works, I found a few companies in the United States that do it however I need one for Australia.

can anyone recommend what type of bloodwork I should be getting before starting a course? I assume it’s all your normal readings so you can compare along the way to make sure everything is good.

thanks in advance for taking the time to answer.

Check this out Stevesmi has this taken care of and it will walk you through what you need. I’ve used it multiple times.
I cannot help you in Australia but i can help you if you are in the USA for others reading this thread

when you click the link scroll down to the middle of the page and click where it says HORMONE TESTING, click that and then scroll down to the one that says you can get HORMONE PANEL (FOR MALES)

if you have a quest near you then go with that one, it is way cheaper for the same thing!

there are a bunch with similar names to that so don't get it confused it will include LH, FSH, total test, E, and a bunch of other things..

if you want all that PLUS cholesterol, thyroid, free test, IGF-1 and additional numbers you can get the Hormone Panel for Males for more money.

if you want all of the above plus a few more things like progesterone and prostate and/or you want it where the total testosterone is uncapped, meaning it will show your number even if it exceeds 1500 (great for those on cycle who want to see how good their gear is) then order Hormone Panel for Males II

so really one of those 3 are your go to ones to get, with the 2 cheaper ones capping total testosterone at 1500

I recommend getting the more expensive ones once a year just to flag anything with your health issues, but you can get away with the cheaper one around your cycles

once you have selected what bloodwork panels you want, then go to cart and checkout

code T34TU2 saves you 10% always and after you checkout they will email you the paperwork but remember to use the link

print out the paperwork

go into labcorp or Quest and get the drawn blood

get results next day emailed to you

as simple as that

Check this out Stevesmi has this taken care of and it will walk you through what you need. I’ve used it multiple times.
yes and the link is always in my signature on all the forums i am at for easy bookmarking
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