Anadrol & Sarm cycle


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Hi guys, after opinions, experiences etc..
33 years old 172lb
5?11? 8% BF
started LGD AT 15mg per day for week 1
Introduced ?venom? on week 2, so now 23mg LGD, 20mg RAD140 20mg mk677.
Week 3 introduced 100mg a day of Oxymethalone
Run with cycle support (milk thistle, nac, tudca etc)
Will run icy for 50 days then run tamoxifen and clomid pct whilst maintaing the sarms up to the 12 week period?
hate this, absolutely hate it... why would you run anadrol without test like that? you are going to be fucking miserable... not to mention venom is garbage! this is a mess
Anadrol is so toxic and harsh why toss a compound like that in with a sarms cycle and as Dylan said with no test at all ? That is going to be a terrible time.
Struggle to find oral test as all I can find is jabs. Could you recommend a product to help with the test? I was hoping and from what Iv read, the testolone should help with that? Iv done anadrol cycles before, many times. Stacked with others like deca, epistane etc and rad140 testolone. Never had any issues with mental health? I find rad makes me very happy and content, maybe that is counteracting the mental effects. Can I ask why you think venom is junk? First time using it, gotta say tastes like the inside of a rotten arse.
if you are scared to inject, dont use steroids... i dont "think" its junk, i KNOW it is from plenty of people telling me but beyond that, attempting to make a sarm with multiple in it just does not come out properly and i assure you, there's no way to possibly sell it and make any sort of money unless they are shorting it MAJOR so you are just throwing away money as well as your time
Ahh ok mate, thanks for the heads up. I paid ?70 so about $100 or so? Have you read much into the test undecanoate? Do you not think the rad will help with the test? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, appreciated
Not scared to inject mate, have a bad phobia. Strange as tattoos etc are no issue, but I go into fight or flight mode lol. Plus the orals are more convenient for me as I?m out working from 5.30 am to 6.30 pm doing dirty work
How about running hcg instead of test?
that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, none, zero... brother, do you have any clue what you are doing? rad DOES NOT help with test ... have i read about test undecanoate? LOL ummm yes.. ive been doing this over a decade bro... is that a serious question?
this is a MESS, you shouldn?t even be taking ANYTHING, you are clueless and need to do so much research. this isn?t being rude, this is tough love. stop rushing things
This is going to be a rough cycle and while you feel fine now, it's the long term side effects inside the body you arent looking at.
Just start this whole thing over. Let us know your goals and we will put together a proper SARMs stack. With legit products this time. If you do not want to inject that is fine but just adding oral steroids is not a good option. Stick to SARMs from and you will still get a great boost.
This whole thought process is a trainwreck. I would suggest just sticking to sarms if you dont want to inject
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