22 year old i want to live but my body feels retired

the thing that pops out to me about your post is the sleep thing. especially waking up every few hours, and never feeling rested. i would see if a doc will get you a sleep study done. i can tell you that fixing my hormones and adding diet/exercise was great, but fixing the sleep apnea helped tremendously

Great point, sleep apnea=hypoxia, body deprived of adequate oxygen supply. You should rule this out too, sleep studies tend to be free at least in Canada

Im sorry you are suffering. You probably have the same village idiot Dr. that I do. I've gotta say those T numbers are very low for a guy in his 20(s). I would say I can't believe your Dr. glossed over this, but mine did too. I was walking around with my T at 285 for about 2 years undiagnosed in need of TRT (I'm 42 though). General practitioner Dr.'s tend to shy away from sending you for TRT for some reason. My Dr said loose the weight and the T will come up.. I looked at him like.. "moron, I'm exhausted all the time, wtf am I gonna do?". I was sleeping 10hrs a day - it didn't matter. So I sought out a mens health clinic. These people are good, they take your blood once a month (no bro science here). They tell you what all your levels are every month and they work with you to make adjustments. Their goal is just to see you have normal numbers for a guy your age. Two other things, your calories are too low; you are just spinning your wheels. Lastly, the sleep.. look into that sleep apnea condition. Its a real thing. I have it and when they gave me the treatment for that my mind could at least function and felt rested; the T took care of my physical energy to put the whole package back together.

I'm not saying to do what I did; I just recognize the symptoms, and you might need some extra help from the right Dr.(s)
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