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Thread: Setting up a cycle

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    Setting up a cycle

    Hey guys, i woukd like to ask how would you set up a cycle having only these 3 compounds : Test... Tbol... Winstrol Injection
    I'm 14 weeks out from a Mens Physique show, already started preping and 12 weeks out i would like to start a cycle.
    I'm 31....85kg...180 height... Around 10% bodyfat... Been training for 15 years.
    This would be my 3-rd cycle... On the previous last year i took the same things as i want now but also Masteron and Anavar.... All were in the low-medium dose but beeing too many compounds maybe not the best ideea.
    Also maybe related or not, noticed few months after the last show that when i run my hand throug the hair i always see a few threads so i wana play it safer and not abuse anything ( btw i did PCT and then i was completly off everything )...
    So would this be reasonable ? Would you add something else... I never used Tren so it crossed my mind but idk !? !?
    Also with the Test... Is it a good ideea to start with the long ester and few weeks out switch to the short one and stop all together like 2 weeks out from the show ???
    Also i was having in mind to do Tbol from weeks 12 to 7.....and the Winstrol from week 5 to show day.
    Let me know what you guys think... Thanks alot !

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    i would go with test prop the entire way as opposed to a longer ester of test...

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    I don't think I would recommend tren just yet if this is your 3rd cycle. Also I'm never a fan of injectable winnie, as there's not much benefit over oral. If you are prone to Male pattern baldness, winnie is another harsh one on your hairline so keep an eye on it. Last, I don't think you really need to switch esters if you control your estrogen well, but it is not uncommon to do before a show. Best of luck by the way!

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    Got it, thank alot bro !

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    no problem

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