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Thread: RAD-140 ---Questions about Running just ONE SARM ----

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    RAD-140 ---Questions about Running just ONE SARM ----

    For now on I will be sticking to just ONE sarm - RAD-140. Running multiple sarms in the past has caused my acne to worsen significantly - as I am VERY acne prone - and spread out across my whole upper body. Hopefully by sticking to just RAD (and GW of course), I can limit suppression and related side effects. I have chosen RAD for its versatility.

    Questions about Bulking

    1. Can I safely use 35-40mg of RAD, considering it is being ran solo? or is 30mg the absolute maximum?
    2. At the Maximum dose of RAD solo, can I still expect muscle gains close to, or on par with LGD?
    3. If running a pure bulk, at a surplus of around 350 calories, Would GW still help to limit fat gain, or would it not be worthwhile?

    Questions about Cutting

    1. What is the largest calorie deficit you can run while using RAD+GW, while still maintaining strength and size?
    2. At a moderate deficit of around 350-400 calories on RAD+GW, what is the optimal dose? and what is the minimum dose you can use while still maintaining strength and size?
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