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Thread: Primo only

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    Primo only

    Hi Dylan
    Thank you for helping people and saving their lives before my first cycle i watched all videos and itreslly helps
    I had 2 cycles test 500 a week and dianabol 30 mg a day for 4 weeks
    I had to stop my sevond cycle because i got scared i had high blood preasure so i rather stop. Dr gave me some pills and i am fine but i think i had the same problem in first cycle.
    I would like to ask you i am thinking to do just primobolan cycle 600 a week with PCT. Do you think it is good idea. I think testosteron give me the high blood preassure. I am 38 ex prodesional sportsman
    Thank you

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    you need ~200 mg of test to replace what primo supresses, i highly doubt such a low dose will increase your blood pressure. the high blood pressure on ur 2nd cycle was most likely due to massive water retention caused by dianabol and you most likely had no AI.You can also add cardarine if high blood pressure is such a problem for you

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    Thanks i had a AI.So only primobolan cycle is not good? I dont need much weight gain. I tried before primo 600 and testosteron 500 before and i had a high blood preassure too. So stoped after 3 weeks. So i think it is the testosteron

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    What was your blood pressure?

    250 Test / 600 Primo should not give you high blood pressure unless you naturally have it and you're not doing enough cardio.

    Please post your full stats for any help. It's required...


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    Hi thanks for reply. I am 200cm and 102 kg. My blood pressure is in normal range usually. True is i didnt do cardio when i was on cycle.

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    Is it possible to just have primo only cycle?

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    Please post your age.

    How high was your blood pressure when it was a concern for you?

    Testosterone base is required for all cycles.

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    Around 155/ 90 but i felt it. I am 37

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    That's not terribly high but it's high enough for concern. It was probably the Dbol causing the problem. You should always do cardio on cycle to combat high blood pressure.

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    But i had it even with test and primo.

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