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Thread: Ostarine pct

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    Ostarine pct

    Is Nolvadex okay for a 12 week 25mg ostarine pct? I am from the UK so products from esarms I cannot get. Cheers

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    Also, do I need to do bloodwork? I canít get this done at my doctors and if so would just an online testosterone test be okay as I canít afford ones with more tests.

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    nolva and gw, yes and of course you are supposed to get bloodwork every cycle

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    if you cant afford bloodwork you shouldnt be using anything... how in the world can you afford to run a cycle if you cant even afford bloodwork?

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    I canít afford the £150 blood tests online on top of the cycle. Would just a simpler test testing testosterone be okay?

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    that doesnt test for anything else man.. you do whatever you want... thats not a sufficient test whatsoever but thats up to you

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    Iím just trying to ge try head around would is the minimum I need to get tested. Do you have any links to online tests that I can get in the uk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lb9 View Post
    Yes that test would be fine

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