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Thread: MB's YK-11 Log

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    MB's YK-11 Log

    Hey ISARMS Family,

    Hopefully everyone is staying safe and doing the best they can with this pandemic situation. I am trying to spend time with the family but also respect everyone's need for alone/personal time. We are doing ok at it so far but definitely get on each others nerves more quickly!

    For those that know me, I am not the first one to jump on "newer" compounds until I see some testing and people using/logging the product. I have held off on trying YK-11 for a couple years now. With the Easter Sale, I decided to get a couple bottles and log them. Hey, there's not much else going on right now! Over the past couple months, I have definitely put on a few extra lbs around the midsection. I'm guessing I am not the only one, lol. I wanted to take this time to experiment with YK in a cutting cycle. We have all read and had conversations about the potential for muscle growth and the myostatin inhibiting properties but much less around the fat loss benefits. Also for those that know me, I have always been a proponent of trying things for yourself. This has been most commonly around the question of "high test/low tren or high tren/low test". Everyone is different so I usually suggest trying both ways to see how you react. I am applying the same principle here with YK. I want to see how I respond to it when used in more of a cutting cycle.

    I will be doing things very simple here. Just YK on its own, at 10mg per say, for 8 weeks. Nothing else. I really want to see what the benefits can be by staying at the 10mg dose and not moving. Maybe down the road I will run it again but for my research here I want things as stable as possible. I will definitely post up some pictures once I get thing going and have the time to get some.

    I am currently 5'7", 185lbs, and roughly 18% body fat. I tend to be a bit on the thicker side but this is more body fat that I typically carry. I am comfortable more around the 14% mark. I will be doing a 3 day fast heading into this stack to reset the gut and mentally get ready. This will start after dinner tonight where I will not eat again until Friday dinner or maybe Saturday morning if I feel good and prolong. These fasts really give me a kick start when I need it. I will be eating 2-3 meals per day consisting of mainly meat, eggs, and veggies. I try to keep carbs low but will occasionally eat fruit. I do not count calories but just stick to clean whole foods.

    I am fortunate enough to have a solid home gym in my basement. It consists of a bench with barbell and plates, dumbbells fro 10lbs-80lbs, a full universal cable gym, and a treadmill. I will be doing 4 days per week weight training and cardio 4-6 days per week. My cardio is less intense so there is no issue really doing it every day. I do it more for health than the fat loss aspect.

    As mentioned, I will run the YK at 10mg per day for 8 weeks, starting dose on Monday. Once the 8 weeks is done, I will do a simple PCT of a natural test booster and clomid for 4 weeks (25/25/12.5/12.5).

    This will be the first stack I have ran in forever that does not include Cardarine so I am really looking forward to see the differences when not using it. I am super excited about logging this for myself and you guys so hopefully people follow along!
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    sweet brother! i cant wait to see how you like yk11 and really looking forward to your results!

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    I am in for a good read. Best of luck.

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    very detailed log, looks really good. YK isn't one talked about much

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    Im going to be following this

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    This is a compound I'm pretty interested in. Following for sure bro

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    We are really looking forward to your results and will be here to support you the entire way!

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    Cool gonna be a great log

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    Just checking in to let everyone know that I have started with my first dose of YK-11 today from

    I love the mental boost you get from starting something new. Whether a new diet, training program, or cycle, it is refreshing to begin something.

    Today I had a nice dumbbell only workout this morning. It consisted of:

    -bent over rows
    -bench press
    -front raises
    -bicep curls
    -tricep extension

    Diet was pretty typical for me. Just a cup of black coffee for breakfast, lunch was at 12pm and had 3 whole eggs and a cup of watermelon. Dinner will be around 6pm and will consist of around 6oz of ground chicken, with some veggies mixed in and some taco spices. If it sounds odd, it comes out great. Kind of like a taco flavoured chili. That is usually what I will eat for meals and sometimes snack on nuts or fruits in between if needed. I am also drinking around 3 litres of water per day. Trying to get that higher though.

    I look forward to updating as the YK takes effect.
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    thanks for the update brother!

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