MB's YK-11 Log

Hey everyone. So I am 6 weeks in with only 2 more to go. I have already determined that YK-11 is something I will definitely be utilizing again in the future. Next time I will increase the dose to 20mg per day and see what the difference are. This has become more of a recomp than I originally planned. My weight is still sitting somewhere around 183-185lbs but I can see a difference in body fat and the overall way my muscles appear. I am just going to keep pushing through for the next couple weeks and see how much further I can go. Then it will be PCT with a natural test booster and low dose clomid. Hope everyone has been doing well and crushing it!

That's awesome glad you are killing it and loving the results from hard work and the cycle
would you say YK-11 is superior to say a GW+RAD stack?

If I had to pick I would go with the RAD + GW stack over just YK-11. That is solely based on my love of GW, lol. What I can't yet put into play would be running the YK-11 at a higher dose. I only ran 10mg per day so at 20mg or even 30mg per day I may change my mind.
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