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    Hello Dylan really appreciate your work. I watched most of your videos and get lot of information. I have a question about hgh. I’m kickboxing fighter, and I injured my back and shoulder in fighting. So I get Hgh from my friend. If I use it for 3,4 months like you said in one video is ok, also small dosage, what side effects can happen?

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    no that doesnt make any senses and it takes a significant amount of time and you also need quality and reliable sources, not a random friend... how old are you? ostarine would likely be a far better option for you...

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    I'm with Dylan on this. Ostarine is going to give you more healing benefits in the short term. HGH is going to need to be legit and run for 6 to 12 months.

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    HGH is a marathon not a sprint.
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