Hgh induced hypertension


No matter what I can’t seem to get my numbers down even with meds whenever I run hgh they go up by like 20 points on both top and bottom and I have always started out with 2 iu a day. No hgh my blood pressure is perfect. Anyone else get this with such low dose or have a method to combat it aside from less salt and more water intake and low carb regiment all of which I already do(most of the time anyway ). I watch my potassium like DG days in his video and carfull count it to make sure I get my daily required amount.

then its just not for you.. not everything is for everyone man.. if you cant get it down, regardless of what you try, then that pretty much indicates your body is not agreeing with it and its just not for you...
bros that happens, try dropping dose to 1 IU and doing 5/2
and you should LOG your cycle on isarms so we can see it post up a Journal log thread

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Dylan thanks for that perspective
You might be right …I hope not because I like to run a low dose of hgh and proviron year round but it’s looking like I won’t be able to do either for whatever reason the way my body responds.
I’m going to try the 4/3 routine and just start all over with one iu and see what happens and if stil not good that’s it for me .

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

@Jason priest : my hgh sounds fake because it is raising my blood pressure? That’s a known side effect and does not indicate it’s fake. that’s at least the second time you have made that assertion about my gear and that I should buy it from domestic supply when that is EXACTLY where I got both products you called into question both times. I love just about everything I get from Greg and constantly advocate that people should ONLY buy from approved sources from this forum. Im all about promoting our sources but constantly saying peoples gear sounds fake without knowing it’s origin does not do that at all.

@ bodymonster34
LMFAO ! Yes some dudes sure are pussies . 😂 a few of them should invest in bras as well😂😂

Thanks again for the informative (and entertaining) feedback !
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