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    Hey guys currently on week 8 of my test e (350 mg) and primo E (600 Mg) and I added anavar in few days ago. Right now I’m doing 20 mg in the morning and then 20 mg preworkout. I wanted to know what dosage you guys suggest, I just want to do a low dosage

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    That dosage seems fine to me. When I use anavar, I run 50mg dosed once daily myself.

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    40-60 mg is just fine with anavar.. 60 mg is the max i recommend

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    For myself personally anyting over 60mg I did not see any greater return.. I have used up to 100mg and it was no different compared to 60mg.
    40mg is a great place to start, and for cost-effective purposes it's a great area to stay at..
    This is a very underestimated drug, if you literally can dial in your diet this drug can really shine, it can be so multi-functional. Help the drug by providing it with the environment it needs with your macros..

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