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Thread: help with going back on steroids

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    help with going back on steroids

    hi man,I NEED YOUR HELP ! about 2 years ago i did my first cycle i was sick of working out and seeing poor results even with good diet because i have low testosterone levels, i went to the doctor but he said my testosterone levels are not low enough to require TRT, but still they are quite low for a 22 yr old like me! last time i measured they were 400 ng! the amount of testosterone of a 70 yr old or something so i decided to hop on steroids, i chose tren and all 3 esters of test for my fist cycle because i heard tren gives the best gains and it helps burn fat and thats what i want to get big and lean as possible i hate my flabby chest and lovehandles because of my low T, i started at moderate amounts like i saw in your channel but i was seeing no results regargding mass gain, probably because i was working out 1 hour and doing another hour of cardio and walking half a mile just to get to the gym thus burning all my calories and overtraining, but i did not realized that back them so i kept increasing the dosage until i went trough a 2 or 3 month stack in just one month, after seeing little result i decided to change the tren for anadrol. so in the following month i bought it and i started taking 3 50mcg capsules a day for a week then i increased to 4 and then 5 capsules a day, i was feeling very angry and had paranoia and fear and intense anxiety but i kept taking it until one day i decided to take 6 capsules and then one night after taking the last dose, my chest started pounding really hard and i though i was about to die, i was breathing really fast and i had intense fits of anger were i would punch my door with all my strenght i never new i could punch so hard and i wasnt feeling any pain at all like i wanted to break down that door with punches, i though i was going to die or lose my mind so i called 911 ad they took me to the hospital, there they gave me a sedative and runned many tests but everithing normalized i was good in a few hours, they told me to stop the steroids and i did, but i kept having panic attacks and intense anxiety for many months, now the panic attacks stop but i still feel quite anxious, i been working out for a whole year now after stopping for 6 months right after the steroids overdose, i been 2 years without steroids and i wanna start taking again, im planning on running test and tren again but on much lower dose i wanted to know if you think its safe, sometimes after the steroid overdose i felt like i was going insane like my brain was gonna stop and i had weird feeling in my head,i heard it could be the anadrol side effects. the doctors say my brain is ok but still i get afraid of injecting again, i really wanted you to give me some guidance man im still very worried, thanks!

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    Dude..... your to young, and clearly dont have the discipline to be messing with steroids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasquatch012 View Post
    Dude..... your to young, and clearly dont have the discipline to be messing with steroids.
    Agree with this for sure!

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    if you paid me a million dollars, i would not advise you steroid use... i wont go any further than that statement...

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    Its like a bad movie ..... Naturally low test levels at a very young age so lets jump on possibly the strongest steroid around with a heap of sides that you had no idea how to handle and your diet and training wasn't right either . You know that you have proberly killed any natural test you had . Have you had bloods recently to see levels at present . I didnt see any mention of PCT in your thread. Its bad mate you defiantly should stay clear of ANY aas until you know what your doing and have put the time under the iron first .

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    just please stop ALL the nonsense.. seriously.. its just way past a mess and its only going to get worse

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